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Our Top Recommendation
The Dash Diet Solution

This New York Times bestseller is jammed packed with healthy living solutions. Maria Heller is a DASH dietitian and leading nutrition expert and sets out your solution for easy and sustained weight loss. You can follow sound nutritional guidelines to knock off the pounds and reframe how you think about food and your relationship with it. This book will change your life!

Also Recommended
Jumpstart Weight Loss Program

Jillan Michaels 14 day cleanse and burn program will reduce belly fat, increase your energy without harsh chemicals or laxatives and without fasting! Her 3 part system supports the colon and digestive system as well as naturally detoxifying your liver. The Jumpstart kit is a maximum strength fat burner with probiotic replenishment. Its a sure fire to get your weight loss program firing on all cylinders!

Also Recommended
Diet Drop Supplements

Bioscience has done it again with their 1234 Diet Drops. It is a dynamic supplement designed to assist you in rapid and safe weight loss. The aminos and herbal extracts clinically support your body in your weight loss program. It helps manage your appetite and comes with suggested dieting and weight loss plans. Support your weight loss success with these scientifically designed drops!

Also Recommended
Weight Loss Tea

Take control of your appetite with this extra strength thermogenic diet tea which is 100% all herbal ingredients. This great tea from YougYou International will lower hunger for up to 6 hours and will help you burn more fat than just diet and exercise alone. It also helps purify the body of waste and toxins with a pleasant and smooth taste. Get on top of your sweet cravings and maximise your dieting results.

Also Recommended
Diet & Weight Loss Inspirational Bracelet

Yes it is possible to assist your diet and weight loss program with the right quality stones. Moonstone, Apatite, Pink Jade and Rose Quartz Gemstones all work together to encourage your body to shed weight, suppress hunger and raise your metabolic rate. The moonstone will even help with hormonal balances, regulation of sleep and increase your overall sense of self worth which in turn increases self esteem and will power. Try one today!

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