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How to Spot a Fad Diet and Save Yourself from Wasting Time and Money!

The best diet for anyone that wants to lose weight is one that is healthy and has the right balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. There are a lot of people who are in a hurry to lose weight will fall for the many fad diets that are circulating out there. Things like the grapefruit diet or cabbage soup diet are both gimmicky and are considered fad diets. Since they are so restrictive on food they are easy to identify as a fad diet. The bad thing about fad diets is that they are only good for the short term and can actually cause some dangerous health issues down the road. Here are a few thing that will help you identify a good diet from a fad diet.

The first thing to look for is if the diet promises that you will lose weight quickly. As wonderful as that may sound to lose a pound a day or more it is extremely unhealthy to lose more than actually 2 to 3 pounds a week. Besides most of the weight a person loses in that fast of time is simply water weight and it will be regained pretty much right after the person returns to eating like they normally do. These kinds of diets also will cause a person to lose lean muscle tissue and this is very dangerous. The body needs to have enough calories to be able to fuel the body.

You should also check to see if the diet also requires that you take some sort of special pill or powder to go along with the diet. These pills could be laxatives or diuretics and this is just a way to eliminate water from your body. This is similar to the diets that starve you and cause you to lose water weight. Again this is just a quick fix and as soon as you stop taking the pills or powder the weight is going to come right back.

Make sure that the diet doesn't get rid of food groups, for instance one that gets rid of all carbohydrates. The body needs some carbohydrates, as well as some fats and sugars to be able to function properly. Over a period of time the lack of fiber from the foods that contain the carbohydrates, sugars and fats can cause a lot of fatigue, will lower immune system and other things. If you are on a high protein diet and continue on it for a long period of time you could end up harming your kidneys and even end up with a calcium deficiency. Remember a truly healthy diet is going to just reduce the amounts of certain food groups and not eliminate them.

See if there is scientific research and proof that the diet plan works. Any diet that is a fad is not going to be backed with any kind of scientific research nor will it have been created by someone with a degree in nutrition. On the other hand, the only thing you will see for a fad diet are so called testimonials and lots of before and after pictures of people who were suppose to have been on the diet. This does not prove the diet is healthy nor does it prove that it works long term.

Always look for a gimmick. Fad diets are always going to come off as gimmicky. They generally will claim that a certain thing should be used to replace others like cereal, grapefruit, mail order daily meals or meal replacement shakes and snacks. These are usually unbalanced nutritionally and are hard to maintain. This is the kind of diet that is hard to maintain because it is not something you can do with others. You can't go out to eat with friends or family if you are on such a fad diet. Whereas a healthy diet plan lets you have variety and is not totally rigid in sticking just with only certain foods.

The best thing you can do is to get the advice of your doctor before even going on a balanced diet so that they can give you information on what foods you should be including in your healthy diet.

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